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Since 2011 my dearest hobby and passion has been horses and dressage. I'm still very amateur when it comes to riding but eager to learn new every day! And with riding you can be sure that you are never ready and there are new challenges coming on your way all the time. I had a priviledge to start riding with a handsome and intelligent schoolmaster N.G.Cherokee (1.7.1997 - 7.10.2014). He tought me so much about riding, horses and people. Unfortunately he passed away too soon in the age of 17 due to a difficult hoof cancer. Now I'm fortunate to have a new horse, Vavilon. He is everything you can hope from a horse - sensitive, intelligent and beautiful as well - he has a lot of warm blood in him :) I'm eager to see where we end up with him! I'm also happy to train under the eyes of my coach professional rider Minna Leppälä at her beautiful full service stables in Kirkkonummi, Finland, Peuramaa Horse. Feel free to follow me in Instagram to see more pictures of my life with horses! 

 #VavilonTheHorse #peuramaahorse #NGCherokee @irenemikaela

#VavilonTheHorse #peuramaahorse #NGCherokee @irenemikaela

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